A temporary bypass bridge has opened in the village of Stanytsia Luhanska in Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, which is a link between Russia-occupied Donbas with the rest of Ukraine.

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This design greatly facilitates the crossing, and it is especially important to the elderly and wheelchair users, since earlier they had to pass the broken part of the bridge, and it was impossible to do this without outside help, according to the Ukrainian TSN TV news service.

Видео дня

The temporary bridge is expected to work for the next two months until the destroyed main bridge has been rebuilt.

Repair equipment is now working at the site. There are many people who want to cross the contact line there, and the checkpoint will continue working without suspension.

Minibuses, such as ambulances or funeral services, may cross the bridge, however it is not designed for trucks.

The preliminary cost of rebuilding the bridge is UAH 38 million, or US$1.5 million.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian members of the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) in Donbas announced the completion of a temporary bypass bridge in Stanytsia Luhanska.