Modern mobile jamming stations will soon start operating in eastern Ukraine's Donbas region to block the signal of separatist television channels and radio stations, says Chairman of Luhansk Administration Serhiy Haiday.

"We are moving in the direction to provide both our military and relevant law enforcement agencies with modern technology to repel information attacks [being waged against us]," Haiday told Donbas News.

Details of the project have been classified, the official added.

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"But I can say that the developments we'd like to implement are better than those at disposal of our Israeli and American colleagues," he said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Russian Federation had seized and been misusing more than 500 Ukrainian frequencies and hundreds of transmitting antennas that are government and private broadcasters' property, that's according to Valentyn Koval, who is a member of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine.

"The numbers on the frequencies captured and misused by Russia are as follows: 503 frequency seizures. Moreover, it's 503 transmitters and hundreds of antennas that are property of state and private Ukrainian broadcasters. Also, in the east of Ukraine, about 50 television and 20 radio transmitting stations were seized and reset, which broadcast across Donetsk and Luhansk regions," the official said.