Maryinka battle update: 2 ATO soldiers killed, 39 wounded

23:59, 03 June 2015
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Two Ukrainian soldiers participating in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine were killed and 39 were wounded in a fierce battle near the town of Maryinka in Donetsk region on Wednesday, June 3, according to adviser to President Poroshenko, Yuriy Biriukov.

Russian-backed militants shelled ATO forces 142 times on June 3 / Photo from

"The result as of 2300 Kyiv time [on Wednesday] is the following: 2 KIA, 39 WIA (1 from the 43rd separate mechanized infantry brigade, 1 from the 34th separate mechanized infantry brigade, 26 from the 28th separate mechanized infantry brigade, 11 from the 30th separate mechanized infantry brigade, 1 from the National Guard of Ukraine), 1 GAZ66 and 2 UAZ452 vehicles were destroyed, ATO forces were shelled 142 times," Yuriy Biriukov, an adviser to President Petro Poroshenko, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday evening.

According to Biriukov, the enemy used 82mm- and 120mm-caliber mortars, 122mm- and 152mm-caliber artillery systems, and BM21 multiple rocket launcher systems.

"We answered with everything we could under the Minsk agreements, and several times we did not answer with what we couldn't. The chief of the General Staff was commissioned by the supreme commander to use what cannot be used in response in the event if the situation didn't get stabilized. By weird coincidence, the situation stabilized almost immediately. Since 1745 Kyiv time [on Wednesday] active fighting and shelling have ceased, though there is no absolute silence," he wrote.

Обновленные данные на 23:00 по официальной сводке ГКЦ. И тут сюрприз:2 погибших39 раненых (1 - 43 омпб, 26 - 28 омбр,...

Posted by Юрий Бирюков on 3 Июнь 2015 г.
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