Grad systems open fire /

On Saturday afternoon and evening, the village of Troyitske came under fire from Grad and self-propelled artillery systems, the press service of Chairman of Luhansk regional military and civilian administration Hennadiy Moskal reported.

"First an enemy drone was spotted over the village, after which fire was opened from the side of the occupied town of Pervomaisk. Firing on Troyitske repeated at night (the last time was after 0300 Kyiv time on Sunday). Local residents were forced to be hiding in basements and cellars," the report said.

According to preliminary reports, no one of the local residents has been wounded or killed, however, there are casualties among Ukrainian troops. A body of a 37-year-old Ukrainian soldier was found in a forest near the village, he was killed in a booby-trap blast.

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In addition to Troyitske, other hot spots in Luhansk region were Krymske, where skirmishes occurred near a local TB dispensary; Schastia, where Ukrainian troops near a bridge across the River Siversky Donets came under fire, and Katerynivka, and Rodyna. The two latter villages were under fire the whole night until five o'clock in the morning. Several houses in Rodyna were damaged by artillery shells, there were no casualties, according to early reports. In Katerynivka the power supply was damaged, and the village still remains cut off the power grids.