"During the reporting week, the OM continued to observe dumper trucks transporting coal from the Luhansk region to the Russian Federation through the Border Crossing Points (BCPs) Gukovo," the OSCE Observer Mission said in its weekly update based on information as of July 7, 2015.

According to the update, it also observed cargo truck traffic at both BCPs, crossing the border in both directions.

"While the majority of the trucks are registered in Luhansk region, during the reporting period the OTs also observed trucks registered in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus that crossed the border," the update said.

The OTs have observed that during the reporting week the number of trucks registered in Belarus decreased from 48 to 38, these trucks were observed crossing the border in both directions at both BCPs.

Separately, the OTs also observed tanker trucks crossing the border in both directions and at both BCPs. The number of tanker trucks has decreased from 37 last week to 26 this week. These trucks for the most part had the word "Propane" and "Flammable" written across the tanks in Russian language.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the OSCE has repeatedly reported since October 2014 that Russia has been transporting coal from Ukraine.