"On 22 December at 16:09hrs the OT [observer team] in Donetsk BCP [border crossing point] observed a van with Ukrainian license plates crossing the border from the Russian Federation to Ukraine. The driver wore a camouflage coat. The van had a sign 'Gruz 200' on its windshield from inside and had an inscription ANUBIS written in Russian on its side. The OT was not able to ascertain whether there was any coffin inside the van or not," the report reads.

"On 22 December at 07:20hrs the OT in Donetsk BCP observed a white van with Ukrainian license plates with the inscription 'Funeral', crossing the border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation," the OSCE SMM wrote.

The monitors also reported on an ambulance spotted Dec 21 "with 'LPR' registration plates arriving at Donetsk BCP from Ukraine and parking in the customs control zone. The ambulance had the inscriptions 'Medical Emergency Assistance', 'Emergency Medicine' and 'Reanimation' written in Russian on its sides." "At 11:00hrs an ambulance with Russian licence plates arrived at the BCP from the Russian Federation and parked near the first ambulance. One person was transferred by stretcher from the ambulance registered in the Russian Federation to the other ambulance. At 11:06hrs both ambulances left the BCP in the directions from which they arrived," the report reads,

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As UNIAN reported earlier, in the period between Dec 20 and Dec 27, military clashes were reported at the Svitlodarsk Arc between the Ukrainian forces and the pro-Russian militants.