"Krasnohorivka. At 06:40 local time, militants started shelling the town. There are reports about a damaged building of a municipal hospital. Several shells have hit the residential area (near a plant)," he wrote on Facebook.

"Information about damages and the injured is being verified. Investigators from the police of the town of Maryinka are working on the spot," he wrote on Facebook.

He reported in an update an hour later that the shelling was on.

Read alsoMilitants rained 152mm shells on Ukraine troops near Avdiyivka for 40 minutes Friday – ATO HQ"At 07:45, the shelling continued. Police officers started evacuating hospital workers and patients, mainly senior citizens, being under ongoing fire," he said.

"Shells have hit school No. 2 [the school year ended last week]. The building is on fire," he said.

The fire ceased at 08:40, he added in an update an hour later.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on the evening of May 25, Russian proxies once again started shelling Krasnohorivka's residential area, using banned, large-caliber weapons. Several shells exploded near the local hospital and houses.