Photo from UNIAN

"On 23 June an SMM patrol comprising two armoured vehicles and six members was stationary in a residential area in government-controlled Zolote-4, approximately 300m north of the Zolote disengagement area (60km north-west of Luhansk)," the OSCE SMM said.

All patrol members were outside the vehicles.

Read alsoArmed man in "DPR"-controlled Yasynuvata shoots at OSCE SMM amid violent attack"At 10:38, in less than a minute, the patrol heard high-intensity outgoing small-arms fire (approximately 50 to 100 shots), two explosions assessed as outgoing mortar (82mm) fire, and three outgoing shots of automatic grenade launcher (AGS-type), all approximately 100m south-east. At 10:42, the SMM heard three to four bursts of heavy-machine-gun fire, followed by uncountable small-arms shots 150-200m south-east, " the report said.

The SMM also noted that "at least one shot, assessed as fired from south-east, made a distinct whistle sound while flying overhead, so low that SMM patrol members bent down. At the same time, approximately 10m east of its position, the SMM saw a woman in the street also bend down."

The patrol returned safely to its base in Sievierodonetsk. The SMM informed the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) about the incident.