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This was reported by the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters with reference to Ukrainian members of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of ceasefire issues.

Read alsoCeasefire violations recorded in all directions in Donbas in past day – Ukraine's ATO HQThe  ATO HQ stressed that an OSCE surveillance camera at the Donetsk filtration station does not confirm the use of phosphorus ammunition, but at the same time it recorded increased fire activity from east to west, which came from the positions held by the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic."

"On the afternoon of December 8, the same camera recorded 12 explosions of uncertain origin and 37 shells from east to west – all in 0.5-1.5 km to the south," the report says.

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The Ukrainian members of the Center stressed that the facts recorded and published on the official website of the OSCE once again refute the fake reports created by Russian propaganda.