Denis Pushilin / Photo from pro-"DPR" outlet

The "authorities" of the Russia-controlled entity in eastern Ukraine, the internationally-unrecognized "Donetsk People's Republic", are reportedly preparing to release a public appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the future of the occupied territories.

That's according to a report by ZN.UA referring to documents obtained by Ukrainian intelligence, of which security officials have allegedly informed the country's foreign partners.

Read alsoRussia may resort to bombing Donetsk parade on May 9 to frame Ukraine – analystAs Russia has amassed along Ukraine borders the largest military grouping since the onset of hostilities in eastern Ukraine back in 2014, Russian puppet "authorities" are apparently set to create pretext for the Kremlin's further steps by sending a formal appeal for certain action to be taken to "resolve crisis".

Intelligence operatives say at least three versions of the public appeal have been drafted, although the preamble remains the same in all of them.

In the drafts, Denis Pushilin, the chief warlord of the "DPR", thanks Putin "for a caring attitude towards the fate of Donbas residents and invaluable assistance that has helped us survive under the onslaught of the Kyiv authorities since 2014."

Mass issue of Russian passports to the residents of the occupied territories is also mentioned, as well as participation in the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement. Meanwhile, Ukraine is accused of "violating the Minsk agreements" and intending to "resolve the conflict by force."

After the preamble, the text of the three versions differs.

Version 1

Putin is asked to provide "military assistance" and help "end Ukraine's aggression." The "DPR" allegedly seeks not to allow civilian casualties, and destruction of civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure.

Version 2

Pushilin asks Putin to allow the "DPR" accede to Russia: "On behalf of the entire Russian population and Russian citizens living in the territory of the republic, as the legally elected head of the Donetsk People's republic, I ask you to accept our republic into the Russian Federation. All our residents wish to become part of the great state of Russia, as evidenced by the outcome of the referendum held on May 11, 2014, as well as massive lines to acquire Russian citizenship."

If necessary, the appeal goes on, local residents "are ready to re-express their will, confirming their desire to join their historical homeland."

Version 3

The leader of the Russian proxy forces appeals to Putin to recognize the "DPR" as an "independent" and "democratic" state. Pushilin also asks the Russian president to consider concluding an agreement on friendship and cooperation between the "DPR" and the Russian Federation, including on defense.