Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Chief of the Central Operations Office Pavel Muraveiko says Belarus predicted the war in Ukraine two years before it started.

In an interview with SB. Belarus Today, answering a journalist's question regarding the Belarusian Defense Plan and the Concept for the Construction and Development of the Armed Forces, he said the General Staff had studied the developments in Ukraine, Syria, and other countries in preparing the draft.

The country's defense plan is not about classical defense but rather prevention of possible aggression and war, the official explained.

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"For example, we had predicted and evaluated the events that took place in neighboring Ukraine two years before they began. Having assessed where the threat might come from, we are trying to minimize it at an early stage. This is about intelligence, electronic warfare, information warfare, camouflage, and other elements. As if in a chess game, we have calculated and modeled the most relevant, complex, perhaps even unbelievable situations that may arise, and have determined ways and forms of defending the country," Muraveiko said.