A media spokesman for a rebel group operating in the area under the banner of the Free Syrian Army said it had shot the plane down, Reuters reports.

"We targeted the (Russian-built) MiG aircraft while it was striking rebel positions on the front of Kafr Nabuda. We shot at it with our medium machine guns," Yasser Shehadeh of the al-Wosta division told Reuters via Internet messaging.

"One of the shots hit the plane, and we saw smoke coming out of it, then it crashed... near a regime-held area... we don't know about the fate of the pilot, but he probably got killed."

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Rebels have brought down government aircraft before in Syria's civil war but only rarely as they lack significant anti-aircraft capability. They have stepped up calls to be supplied with anti-aircraft missiles since Russia's air force intervened on the side of President Bashar al-Assad in the conflict.