"In accordance with the decision of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation on the termination of contacts with Turkey on military issues, we have suspended our participation in the BLACKSEAFOR naval exercise," Komoedov said.

"We also recalled from Turkey a representative of the Russian Navy, who was responsible for coordinating actions of the Black Sea Fleet and the Turkish Navy. He has already returned home," he said.

Komoedov also did not rule out the possibility of recall of the military attache on defense and attache of the Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces from Turkey.

Read alsoRussian Defense Ministry summons Turkish defense attaché"These military diplomats are still in Ankara to finally get from the Turkish General Staff a comprehensible explanation of circumstances of the downing of the Russian jet by the Turkish Air Force... If they do not get those explanations and the Defense Ministry considers their presence in Turkey inappropriate, they will be recalled from Turkey," Komoedov said.

BLACKSEAFOR was established in 2001, with Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia as participating parties.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called Turkey's attack against the Russian Su-24M aircraft an act of aggression toward Russia and ordered the government to develop defense, diplomatic and economicrestrictive measures against Ankara.