"Russia's Aerospace Forces will continue the operation in Syria in support of the country's armed forces, it is aimed against the Islamic State [terrorist group outlawed in Russia] and other terrorist organizations that are included in a respective list of the UN Security Council," Peskov said, TASS wrote.

The Kremlin spokesman reminded that "even after the ceasefire comes into effect the offensive against terrorist organizations in Syria will not be stopped." "This is one of the conditions of the initiative agreed by the Russian and U.S. presidents."

Peskov also rejected reports of some organizations, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on Russia's alleged massive airstrikes on civilian facilities in Syria. "We know that this Observatory has repeatedly given information that unfortunately was not confirmed and was not proved by at least any data, I do not say true data," he said.

Russian and U.S. presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama issued a joint statement on Monday to declare ceasefire in Syria from midnight Damascus time on February 27. Both sides said they would use their influence on the political forces in the country to achieve truce.