Despite the fact that the official results of the final count have not been announced yet, the available data show that more than 16.7 million people expressed their will for the country to withdraw from the European Union. This is enough to summarize the results of the referendum, according to RBC.

It is noted that Brexit supporters were in the lead after a 50% count.

The majority of residents of England and Wales said they wanted out. Meanwhile, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted remain.

According to the report, the data coming from the UK had a significant effect on the world's stock exchanges and currency markets. Thus, the pound has fallen to its lowest in thirty years. The rate of the British currency to the dollar has fallen by more than 11%.

The euro slumped more than 3% against the dollar on concerns a Brexit vote will do wider economic and political damage to the world's biggest trade bloc, stripped of its second largest economy, according to Reuters.

Investors poured into safe-haven assets including gold, and the yen surged. European shares were on course to open 6 to 7.5% lower.

There was no immediate comment from the Bank of England. Global policymakers prepared for action to stabilize markets, with Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso promising to "respond as needed" in the currency market.

Read alsoFT: High street banks told to stockpile cash in case of BrexitAsian indices started their fall on the news about the gains of Brexit supporters. Japanese NIKKEI 225 lost 3.05%, Hong Kong Hang Seng was down 3,33%, SSE Comp saw a 1,21% fall.

World oil prices fell more than 6% Friday morning. Brent crude lost weight overnight on the data showing success of the Eurosceptics. A barrel of North Sea grade traded at $47.97 (- 5.77%) earlier today.