22 September 2017
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New website launched in EU to tackle Russia’s disinformation

A new website,, has been launched, to provide the European audience with a single resource on addressing the challenge of pro-Kremlin disinformation.


Boasting interactive statistics and a searchable database of disinformation cases, the site will provide content in English, Russian and German.

“We have been systematically collecting examples of pro-Kremlin disinformation since the beginning of our mandate, to show people who are unaware of the problem what it looks like,” the project team wrote in a statement.

Russian propaganda's Sputnik news agency probed by FBI - mediaOne of the sections on the site is dedicated to writing about the disinformation campaign “in a more problem-focused manner – for example, a particular long-term disinformation campaign targeted at a particular country; new initiatives countering disinformation; political leaders highlighting the dangers; a look behind the curtains and explaining what is happening in state Russian media; and much more.”

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