The news portal’s unnamed source suggested that the launch of air-to-ground missiles occurred accidentally due to technical malfunctions, according to Meduza.

The victims in the unexpected attack are journalists, according to the source.

The incident has allegedly occurred on September 17 or September 18. No official reports of the incident from the Zapad 2017 headquarters followed.

Read alsoRussia, Belarus kick off military exercises amid tensions with West – media"They were flying engaged on target, there was some 500 meters left to it, and weapon chains get locked on the mission’s attack route, they turned on, but there was some kind of a short circuit and missiles were launched without command. Missile fragments projected across a wide area. At least two vehicles were burnt down, two people were seriously injured, now they are at the hospital. It was a training routine before some show-off drill. Most probably, it was journalists who got hit," the source told 66.RU.

Another video was later uploaded on YouTube, allegedly capturing a moment of the accidental launch from a helicopter's cockpit.

As UNIAN reported earlier referring to VOA, General Petr Pavel, head of NATO's Military Committee told the Associated Press there's reason to be concerned about the large-scale Zapad 2017 military maneuvers being conducted now by Russia and Belarus, since they could be seen as "a serious preparation for big war."