Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has said Poland wants to annex part of Belarus.

"You see these statements saying that if Belarus falls apart, Grodno Oblast will become part of Poland. They are already saying it openly, they are dreaming about it. They will not succeed, I know it for sure," he said at a government meeting in Minsk on August 27, BelTA reported.

Read alsoBelarus protests: defense minister warns of army use, Lukashenko shows resolve in propaganda videoAccording to Lukashenko, the country now has to spend huge money to stabilize the situation at its western border where some military units were deployed.

"We are witnessing a certain stage of a hybrid war on Belarus. How else can it be called? Mass media and the information landscape have been involved in this fight, a war of conflicting sides. A diplomatic onslaught on us has started at the highest level," he said.

Lukashenko on threat from West

  • Lukashenko has repeatedly claimed "foreign interference" in the election and the external efforts to foment protests. He spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin who had promised him comprehensive assistance upon request.
  • On August 22, Lukashenko said the Belarusian armed forces were on full combat readiness and they were being transferred to the western borders. He said "we see a serious movement of NATO troops in the immediate vicinity of our borders on the territory of Poland and Lithuania."