The White House does not rule out the possibility of new sanctions against Russia.

That's according to Press Secretary of the White House Jen Psaki who spoke at a press briefing on April 22, 2021.

In particular, she was asked whether the administration was considering any additional sanctions on perhaps the oligarchs that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny had listed prior to his arrest in January.

"We obviously reserve the right to issue additional sanctions in the future. The executive order the President signed just last week gives us authority to do that on individuals or industries," Psaki said.

She also expressed the hope that Navalny will be treated with humanity and kept safe and, of course, ultimately, be released.

Read alsoU.S. reacts to Russia's statement on withdrawal of troops from Ukraine's borderPsaki was also asked whether the White House was planning additional Nord Stream 2 sanctions.

"I don't have anything to predict for you," she said.

U.S. sanctions against Russia

On April 15, the United States introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation over malicious cyber activities and meddling in U.S. presidential elections.

Restrictions have been applied to Russia's sovereign debt, as well as 32 entities and individuals.

Also, the U.S. is expelling 10 Russian diplomats.