Against the backdrop of Russian President Vladimir Putin's alleged health issues, Russia is seeing a start of a power transfer period, Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence Service SZRU reports.

"Amid Vladimir Putin's increasingly obvious health issues and noticeable troubles in physically performing public functions as head of state, a power transfer period has de facto begun in Russia," the intelligence analysts wrote in their White Paper bulletin posted on the agency's website.

Read alsoRussia turning Crimea into nuclear military base: Intelligence "White Paper"At the same time, the SZRU believes that the post-Putin Russia will pursue the same aggressive policy targeting Ukraine.

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Also, the so-called "Putinism" will keep flourishing in the country, Ukrainian intelligence experts suggest.

Russia's goals in relation to Ukraine, as per the White Paper, will remain unchanged, with the aggressor power further trying to retain Ukraine in its sphere of influence and hinder the process toward the country's EU and NATO membership

"No matter the scenario ("Putin as president for life","Putin as leader of nation","Putin in tandem","Putin's successor", and the like), the baseline plot for the medium term assumes t that the state model of Putinism will prevail, either with or without Putin," the bulletin reads.