Kremlin threatens to sever all relations with Ukraine after sanctions against Russian firms / REUTERS

The Kremlin threatens to sever all the relations with Ukraine after following the sanctions imposed against Russian companies.

"We will soon reach such a level of relations with Ukraine that there will be no more room for reciprocity. Both for the first steps and those based on reciprocity. We will sever everything that we have. This is bad. And such news can only be taken with deep regret," Peskov said on Monday.

This was Peskov's answer to a question from an UNIAN correspondent in Russia how the Kremlin reacted to the news about the sanctions imposed by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on Russian companies, and whether there would be reciprocal actions.

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Sanctions against Russia: What is known

  • On March 4, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky enforced a resolution by the National Security and Defense Council dated April 2, 2021, to impose personal sanctions on the country's so-called "top ten smugglers." These are Vadym Alperin, Ivan Bokalo, Oleksandr Chudakov, Volodymyr Didukh, Orest Firmaniuk, Oleksandr Kravchenko, Yuriy Kushnir, Valeriy Peresoliak, Viktor Sherman, and Oleksandr Yerimichuk.
  • In addition to these individuals, on the sanctions list are 68 companies affiliated with them. Separately, restrictive measures were introduced against 11 Russian companies, including Rossotrudnichestvo.