Photo from UNIAN

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has asked the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) to verify the statement of Head of the President Office, Andriy Bohdan, about the alleged bribe the unnamed mediators allegedly offered him in the former world boxing star's interests.

"I asked NABU to open a case over the statement of Presidential Office Chief Bohdan about someone offering him a bribe, allegedly in my interests. If someone approached someone, all details need to be established. I hope Mr. Bohdan will contribute to the investigation," Klitschko wrote on Twitter.

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Zelensky's team earlier slammed criticism on Klitschko over his role as head of City Administration, and even urged him to resign from this post. In particular, Bohdan said Klitschko had confirmed he lost control over the situation in the Kyiv City Council and called on him to step down. A claim was also voiced on Tuesday that someone from among shady businessmen who reportedly exercise influence on Kyiv authorities, allegedly approached Bohdan with a bribe offer, aiming to stop pressure on Klitschko. The claim was not substantiated with any factual evidence.

In a harsh response published later the same day, Klitschko named Zelensky's Office Chief Andriy Bohdan "unprofessional" and a "liar," further heating up tensions.

The next day, Klitschko posted a picture of himself posing with Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuiliani as the two met in New York.