Russia's Duma suggests denouncement of Russian-Ukrainian state border agreement / Image from Radio Liberty

The current document defines the occupied Crimean peninsula as a part of Ukraine, which, according to Fedorov, can be used as a claim against Russia "by its enemies," Izvestia wrote.

He suggests that the Chairman of the State Duma initiate the process of the termination of the agreement that is controversial, in his opinion, in order to avoid any legal conflicts.

The preparation of the agreement on the state border between Russia and Ukraine took several years, and the main disputes were related to the water boundary in the Kerch Strait.

Thus, the maritime boundaries between the two states remained an open question, however, the occupied Crimean peninsula is defined as the territory of Ukraine.

"A decision on the reunification with the Crimea has already been taken and implemented, so now we need to streamline international treaties in accordance with the decision taken at the constitutional level. They should be revised to ensure that all the documents are in line with the fundamental law," Fedorov said.

"The agreement on the state border between Russia and Ukraine in its present form cannot exist, and it must be denounced," he said.

As reported earlier, the Russian government is considering the possibility of disbanding "the Ministry of Crimean Affairs." The occupied Crimea has recently become a point of dispute between various interest groups, according to a source in the Russian presidential administration.