An illustrative image from UNIA

Serhiy Berezenko, a candidate from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, scored 35.97% of votes, while UKROP party representative Hennadiy Korban was supported by 14.83% of voters.

At the same time, three out of the four exit polls conducted during the elections in Chernihiv showed that Korban was in the lead in the 205th constituency.

In particular, an exit poll conducted by the New Image Marketing Group demonstrated that Korban had got 33% of the votes, however, the findings of a SOCIS survey said that his opponent, Berezenko, had scored 31.4%.

According to an exit poll by the Dobrochyn organization, Korban was leading with 22.8% of votes.

The turnout in Chernihiv was 35.3%, the constituency election commission reported (the turnout during the snap Rada election in October 2014 was 55.87%).