Photo from UNIAN

“I am thinking about the waves of mobilization across the country. About the stupid actions of military commissioners who handout the summons for draft to random people on the streets of Kharkiv, about the smugglers in Zakarpattia region, who are being drafted... About the country’s combat readiness, readiness of its Armed Forces in this difficult period,” the minister wrote on Facebook.

Avakov said that, considering how much effort and resources the state needs to organize the draft, considering uniform, the training of recruits from the level of an accountant to an average soldier; in view of the failure to have highly qualified fighters given current motivation and training of the drafted soldiers, “the Ukrainian army needs to be immediately transferred onto a professional contract basis, reducing the number of troops and increasing salaries and provision of real skilled military servicemen".

"This approach has its future, while catching recruits in the streets and in public transport doesn’t," said the Minister.

Avakov announced that, as a minister and a member of the National Security and Defense Council, he will propose to address immediately the commander in chief of the army regarding the need for implementation of such an approach.

"Really, you wouldn’t pay, you wouldn’t entrust your security to some smuggler from Zakarpattia, who had been caught red-handed, or some random guy from the streets, would you? Whom can you really trust? Only motivated professionals, who would sign contracts voluntarily. With all the experience of recent months, I believe there will be no problems with creating such a force! We are not rich enough to lack a professional army!" said Avakov.