EU may extend sanctions against some Russians if Donbas conflict escalates /

"We have agreed that in case the situation remains the same as it is today, the EU is to decide in September on the extension of the so-called personal sanctions against certain representatives of the Russian Federation, who are involved in the Donbas destabilization," Yeliseyev said at a briefing on Tuesday following a meeting of leaders of Ukraine, Germany and France, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande in Berlin on August 24, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

According to Yeliseyev, Ukraine has provided the German and French partners with specific facts proving presence of Russian armed forces in Donbas.

Kostyantyn Yeliseyev said the three state leaders had agreed that fake local elections in occupied areas of Donbas would be one of the those “red lines” which could pose a serious threat to the Minsk peace process.