"The summit has been postponed, but the leaders will meet in June ahead of the EU summit to discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreements," said the official, adding that such a meeting will be held in Brussels.

Read alsoCabinet to increase gas tariffs for households to 100% of market priceAs for the reasons for the summit’s postponement, the EU representative said that there were a few – in particular, to give the new Ukrainian government a chance to work on the further implementation of the reforms that will enable the International Monetary Fund to complete its work.

He also said that the postponement of the summit had been agreed by all parties.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the European Union confirmed the postponement of the Ukraine-EU summit, which was initially scheduled for May 29.

A diplomatic source has told UNIAN that this was due to the uncertainty over the possible consequences of the referendum in the Netherlands on the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and the forthcoming referendum in the UK, which could not ensure concrete results of the summit.