Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko / Photo from UNIAN

"The right to a peaceful protest does not mean preparations for a violent coup undertaken by a small group of around 150-200 people who proclaimed themselves as the only righteous persons and are demanding that the Ukrainian state do only what they want, while being financed from abroad, and I'll prove that in due course," he said at a meeting of the Regional Development Council in Kyiv on Tuesday, October 24.

He claims that automatic sawed-off shotguns are being purchased and special arms caches are being set up as part of the preparations for the coup.

"The Ukrainian state will be guided by the Constitution, laws, the will of people rather than of a group of adventurers who want to commit a coup for delectation of the Kremlin," he said.

Read alsoSaakashvili to continue protest rally outside Ukraine's parliament until Nov 7 – media"Those taking part in this planned coup are 'guest actors' without citizenship, like apatride Mikheil Saakashvili, who, while being [Odesa] governor made his subordinates secure permanent residence for 20 citizens of Georgia as valuable figures of culture. Now these figures are sowing what they see as good, wise and eternal across Ukraine," Lutsenko said.

Lutsenko claims that the very persons with sawed-off guns are now guarding Saakashvili in a protester's camp, plotting the coup.

As UNIAN reported, a protest rally started outside the Verkhovna Rada's building on October 17. Protesters demand the cancellation of parliamentarian immunity, the creation of an anti-corruption court and amendments to election laws. Activists set tents there. Clashes between protesters and police were later reported.