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Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, suggests that the first global biological war is unfolding.

That's according to a report published by the NSDC press service on August 26.

Danilov has received Ambassador of Sweden in Ukraine Tobias Tiberg and Ambassador of Finland Päivi Laine, having shown them the capacities of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center under the NSDC.

Read alsoUkraine prolongs quarantine until Nov 1During the meeting, Danilov said that in the modern world, "cyber and biological threats are becoming more terrifying and threatening even than nuclear weapons."

"Today we are witnessing the first world biological war, whose consequences are felt by the whole world," he noted, stressing the importance of joining efforts of partner states in countering these threats.

The parties also discussed the current security situation in the region, in particular in the context of the settlement in eastern Ukraine, as well as the developments in neighboring Belarus.

In turn, Tiberg and Laine assured of the invariability of their countries' support for Ukraine in restoring its territorial integrity and sovereignty over the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

The envoys also expressed their readiness to expand cooperation with Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity.

The NSDC secretary has expressed gratitude to Sweden and Finland for the comprehensive assistance and support provided to Ukraine.

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