The President's Office has initiated a combat readiness inspection in the Armed Forces of Ukraine – more precisely of units deployed in the Joint Forces Operation zone.

The corresponding check, approved by Presidential Decree No. 12 of February 1, 2021, is in line with the year's schedule, the President Office says, commenting on the inspection that comes amid the latest move by President Zelensky to block broadcast of a number of pro-Russian channels, as well as the recent unrest in Russia where rallies are being held in support of the jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

Read alsoU.S. embassy voices support for ban on pro-Russian TV channels in UkraineAmong other things, the latest check is aimed at identifying factors negatively affecting the level of readiness of Joint Forces to perform tasks assigned, the press service has noted.

The inspection team consists of the President's Office officials, staffers with the National Security and Defense Council, Defense Ministry officials, and the Armed Forces command.

The team will draw a report following the inspection, to be submitted to president, along with the proposals as to enhancing defense capabilities.