“There are two defendants in that case, it's Mr Abroskin and Mr Zinchenko, said Halabala, according to Ukraine Today.

“They were policemen in a special police unit called Berkut. And during events on the 20th of February 2014, there were part of the big team who murdered the protesters in Instytutska Street,” he said

The lawyer says that the defendants were part of special ops shooting directly at the protesters on Institutska Street, adding there are video proofs that have been introduced into the evidence in court.

Halabala also tells the reporter about the difficulties in proving the Berkut officers killed people, and not just shot in their direction.

Commenting on a possible “Russian trace” in the killings, the lawyer said: “There is strong evidence that [Russian President Vladimir Putin's Advisor Vladislav] Surkov and his 'group' came to Kyiv for three times. And there is a strong evidence that the public officers of [Russia's Federal Security Service] FSB were present during the Euromaidan events. And there are indirect proofs that they were engaged in that process of killing the protesters.”

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