Ukraine's SBU Security Service has reported on the arrest of three sabotage groups deployed by Russia's military intelligence in eastern Ukraine.

The SBU press service says the agency will provide details of the operation at a special briefing to be scheduled for the coming days.

It is noted that the raid was carried out by Ukraine's counterintelligence forces.

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As reported earlier, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine warned of Russia and its proxies in Donbas spreading disinformation claiming the Armed Forces of Ukraine were allegedly preparing for an offensive in the Mariupol area, as well as carrying out some manipulations with chemicals.

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine negotiations Kurt Volker said such claims were aimed at deflecting attention from Russia's own actions.

"These assertions may be ways of creating some cover for possible Russian attacks, which I hope don't occur, but I have to say it's possible," said Volker.