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President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has revealed details of his phone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin held earlier today, August 15.

"When it comes to the military component, we have an agreement with the Russian Federation within the framework of the Union State and the CSTO. These are the points that fit the deal. Therefore, today I had a long, detailed conversation with the President of Russia about the situation. I must say – I was even somewhat surprised – he is absolutely aware of what is happening," the Belarusian leader noted, according to BelTA.

"And we [Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin] agreed: at our very first request, comprehensive assistance will be provided to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus," said Alexander Lukashenko.

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Earlier at the same meeting, Lukashenko said he did not need any foreign mediators to resolve the crisis, BelTA reported.

Read alsoEU does not recognize Belarus election resultsThe statement came following the proposal by presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to help restore dialog with the people toward a peaceful settlement of the ongoing unrest.

Lukashenko claims protests are being inspired from outside Belarus, hinting at a "color revolution" plot.

Belarus protests: developments

Following the presidential election held on August 9 and release of official exit polls claiming overwhelming win of incumbent President Lukashenko (with 80% against opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's 10%), thousands took to the streets of capital Minsk and other cities contesting what many believe is a rigged vote count.

Belarus government went for a hard crackdown on protesters, detaining thousands, of whom many are reported to have been badly beaten and injured while in police custody.

Workers at major industrial enterprises have joined the call for "fair election" and massively went on strike.